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20 December 2011

We have started MOPSiK - Polish Inter-foundation Spaying and Neutering Program . It's the only effective way to solve the animals' homlessness problem in Poland. Click to read more <click>

11 June 2011

Hallo everyone,

There are plans to build American Minks farms at the present moment in 2 villages Podgórze and Jarząbki ( district Barlinek, Westpomerania). The case is very controversial for various reasons:

One is fur making which for obviously is entirely un-ethical and in many countries forbidden. Poland, as it seems, is  a “fur-factories” paradise, as our legislation allows such an activity, and many  foreign investors benefit from it, by developing their “stinky” business over here.

Second is an impact which such business will have on  environment and people. American Minks as a specie are extremely invasive and aggressive. Their presence on European continent caused reduction of European mink and European Water Vole  populations. It  also affected populations of such birds as terns and seagulls. Each year their presence in Poland causes problems  and puts in danger many other birds species like: coots, wild ducks, geese or grebes.

 Our district, so far, is American mink farm free and 80% of it s area is covered by NATURA 2000 which is an ecological network of protected areas in the territory of the European Union.

As citizens we would like to stop  investments as one described above. Our aim is to create a local resolution that would forbid such activity on the remaining 20% of our grounds.

We are asking you to send an email to our local Authorities and express your opinion/protest against further development of industrial Americain mink farms in our area.

Below you will find a sample of a letter. If you are little creative or simply too busy to write, just copy it into your email, sign below and send to 3 addresses on the top of a page. If you have got deeper thoughts and statements on this subject, do express them as well.

Many thanks and best wishes to all of you.  

18 September

Some time ago I had a contact with lady who is a wolonataire in shelter in Koszalin. They need our help because of overpopulation and too small budget.

If You'd like to help Them, please, send to our foundation

things from the list below:

- blankets

- towels

- dry food for dogs (adults and puppies)

- wet food for dogs (adults and puppies)

- dry and wet food for cats (adults and kittens)

- dog-leads

- dog-collars

- shampoons for dogs etc.

Thanks for all presenters!

1 June

The Day of Child.
Foundation and our friends prepared some fun children from Mostkowo. There was face painting and loaming.

21 May

Town councillors of Barlinek accepted the program which should help to solve a problem with homeless and bad treating animals.

18 and 21 May

Our foundation is invited to take a part in city council meeting in Barlinek. The subject is "The problem of homeless animals in our community". We would like tohelp this community to solve a problem of homeless and wild livig cats trough controling their population. The second matter we can do is education - actions for children and adultshow to take care of pets.
We hope that these meetings will be fruitful:)







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