Four Paws' Friends Foundation
We bear the responsibility for those we domesticated
Przyjaciele Czterech Lap
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Furcoat - by Tes Dekker


They have started this foundation:

She's lived in Poland since 2000.
Her choice - a little village Rokitno, beautiful filds, woods, virgin nature.
That's been a good idea for the rest
of life.
Now: Gitta leads a possessions for old dogs and cats. Some of them are poorly. They have cancer, broken leg, eye or something else... but in Gitta's house they are happy. 
Gitta loves painting and paints abstract pictures. You can see her art on her home page.



Moved to Rokitno in December  2007 from Piaseczno - middle-small town near to Warsaw.
He and Justyna were looking for nice place to live not too far from the sea. And they find an old house in Rokitno.
Now: Tomek has a lot of work with refit of their house.
He also has to take care about their pats - 3 dogs and 3 cats - and, of course, abut Justyna and their foundation. 


She moved with Tomek from Piaseczno to Rokitno. Tomek and Justyna have been in happy relationship since 1997. They have got no children, only pets.

Justyna loves painting, photography and traveling.
Now: Justyna learns how to paint in oil, how to make a great photos and how to earn some money for foundation and help animals in Poland.


What we would like to do?
Protect the animals and the nature

Control the population of homeless and wild-living animals

Educate people in Poland how to look after their pets



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